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                    The Pee Dee Indian Tribe of SC

                                      About Us

 We are The Pee Dee Indian Tribe of South Carolina.  We are a non-profit Native American Indian Tribe.  Our headquarters have been in McColl, SC since 1976.  We also have 3 acres of land on Longer Sand Lane in Bennettsville, SC.  Since the donation of the 3 acres and a trailer and several buildings built, we have our meetings and functions on our land.  This is the current headquarters.

We are working on the clearing of our new Tribal ground on Wallace Street in McColl, SC. A special thanks to Dr. Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Love..

As you have read in our Mission statement on our Home Page, we are striving to help our people.  For many years we have pushed through boundaries that were not easily broken.  With the support of All those past and present!  We as a Tribe should be very proud.  Even though we still have a great distance to go.  Together and with the help of those who so generously have given support to us and our efforts we will continue to seek and fulfill our Mission Statement.  

The Pee Dee Indians have left their mark through out history in many forms.  Our people lived along a stretch of River also known as The Great Pee Dee River.   Which got it's name from our people.  In the past and present there have been archeological digs in which the earth has shown proof of our presence.  The Pee Dee's have fought in every war and conflict from the Revolutionary War to Wars of Present.  We have many Veterans and Active Duty members in the tribe. Many have served in the United States Armed Forces with honor and distinction, defending the security of our Nation with their lives.  We have contributed immeasurably to our country and our heritage. Distinguishing ourselves as Scholars, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and leaders in all aspects of American society.    

Even yet, our communities face unrelenting realities, including extremely high rates of poverty, unemployment, crime, and disease.  We must acknowledge both our history and our current challenges if we are to ensure that all of our children have an equal opportunity to pursue the American Dream.  It is our responsibility to see that our tribal community continues to grow.  That our commitment will continue to improve opportunities, quality of life, and preserve the culture through education of our citizens.

At this time we are not receiving any type of federal or state assistance.  Our only means of income as a Tribe is from the generosity of those that make donations.  We are a non-profit organization.  All monies received are used to help with the running of the tribe. Our tribe at this time does not have paying positions.  Monies received go to paying tribal costs, ie. light bills, water bills, office supplies.  We hope to be in the position to offer assistance to those members in need in the future.       We also would like to say Thank You to those whom have devoted their time and resources to seeing the tribe move forward.