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                      The Pee Dee Indian Tribe of SC        


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             We are a State Recognized Indian Tribe

The Tribe was chartered November 29, 1976 as an Indian Tribe.  It took 29 years and 9 months to receive this long awaited recognition.  On August 29, 2006 a Certificate of Recognition was awarded to The Pee Dee Indian Tribe of SC. 


  Chief Pete Bluehawk Parr

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Pee Dee Indian Tribe of SC is to identify and seek solutions to problems affecting our Tribe.  Whether it is Social, Economic, Educational, Health, Housing, and General Welfare of the Pee Dee Indian People who reside in Marlboro, Dillon, and Marion Counties of South Carolina.  We also seek to preserve our cultural heritage and to promote the image of the Pee Dee Indians both in South Carolina and the United States.